Georgia - the cradle of winemaking!​

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Georgia - the cradle of winemaking!

Vine culture in Georgia is critical. It is a symbol of rebirth, abundance, hospitality and identity. That is why it is believed that the history of wine and the country are closely connected with each other, which is confirmed by the motives of the vines in Georgian architecture, folklore and cultural treasury. This attitude of Georgians towards wine is also explained by the fact that Georgia is indeed the cradle of wine. Since ancient times, they have been engaged in winemaking here. According to the latest archaeological research, the history of wine making in Georgia began 8,000 years ago. During the biochemical processing of the detected samples, it became clear that our ancestors added special antibacterial elements to the grape juice so that the wine produced after fermentation could be stored for a long time.

It should be noted that winemaking as a scientific discipline was studied already in the VIII century, the result of which is the oldest clay pottery for wine - Kvevri. The Qvevri, dug into the ground, is stored for 50 years, giving it useful properties and a pleasant aroma. Qvevri wine contributes to the uniqueness of Georgian winemaking on a global level. Qvevri came to the center of world attention after UNESCO assigned the status of a monument of intangible cultural heritage to the ancient method of wine making in Qvevri.

In addition to its historical heritage, Georgia is distinguished by the diversity of its soils and climate, which makes it possible to cultivate diverse and numerous types of vines in this small territory: Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Alexandrouli, Mujaretuli, Khvanchkara, Odzhaleshi, Tsolikauri and many others. It should be noted that Georgia has more than 500 varieties of vines - the highest figure in the world.

Creating wine for Georgians is associated with their own identity and individuality. This was centuries ago and is happening now. Badagoni proudly continues this tradition and will always follow it.


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